Landscaping Design

Designing beautiful, innovative landscapes is what drives us at CF Landscaping. We strive to create new, interesting, and stylish residential and commercial landscapes that you can be proud of!

Garden Maintence

Whether you want help maintaining your residential or commercial garden, we can help keep your garden gorgeous, in bloom, and healthy throughout the year. Our quality garden maintenance services ensure that your home or professional garden is always something to look at!

Pool Deisgn

In order to offer the most comprehensive landscaping services, our work includes pool design and construction in order to give you a beautiful pool area that will complement the rest of the landscaping on your property.

Landscaping Construction

Our landscaping services are enhanced enough to provide construction options that are more complex than traditional lawn care. Interlocking stones, retaining walls, and water features are all aspects of landscaping that require more attention to detail when building. These quality services will greatly enhance your landscape and property.

We can help you with all your Landscaping or snow removal needs!

Contact CF Landscaping today if you are looking for experienced contractors who can help with any Job big or small.


✔️ Highest Quality Landscaping Services In Milton

We have extensive experience in landscaping and lawn care, specializing in a wide range of related services you may need to ensure your property is always looking incredible and growing healthy. We offer the highest quality services because we take pride in what we do, working hard to bring you a beautiful property that you can appreciate and be proud of too.

Our team uses top-quality machines and tools to craft the finest landscaping designs and bring them to life. We don’t just use reliable machines, we bring reliability to every level of service. Both our lawn and customer care are exceptional and drive us to provide incredible landscaping options for our Milton community.

✔️  Professionals That You Can Trust

At CF Landscaping, we are proud to be a hard-working team of professionals. You can trust us with your lawn care and landscaping needs whether it’s for your residential or commercial properties. We offer fast, effective service and will make sure to clean up after ourselves so that your property will remain in stunning quality.

We know that you want service that you can trust to be reliable and timely. That’s why we make sure to give you that every time! We offer punctual service that you can trust. We also don’t leave until the job is done up to our standards of quality and appearance. We know you want nothing but the best and that’s what we want too!


Milton Landscaping

CF Landscaping was founded on the principle that specialty Milton landscaping services can come hand in hand with the best customer service available. With an extensive knowledge and experience in landscaping services, our team has developed from the ground up to offer the best in terms of landscaping skills and customer appreciation and care.

Our team was started by a founder that has a strong passion, drive, and knowledge of landscaping skills. Our CF Landscaping professionals have a diverse and extensive set of skills in landscaping that make us a great source for top-quality landscaping care and services.