About CF Landscaping

We have a strong passion, drive, and knowledge of landscaping.

CF Landscaping, founded by 2 British guys named Louis and Todd. Our CF Landscaping professionals have a diverse and extensive set of skills in landscaping that make us an excellent source for top-quality landscaping care and services. As a natural leader for the rest of the CF Landscaping team, we offer the best in quality landscaping services to the region of Milton and the surrounding area.

Here at CF Landscaping, we strive to provide the best landscaping from beginning to end, including planning, design,
construction, and maintenance. Our services don’t just end at designing and creating the most innovative landscapes,
but also helping to maintain the quality and appearance of these properties afterward as well.

Qualified Staff

Our CF Landscaping staff is made up of a driven, hard-working, and passionate team of landscapers that demand the best in lawn design, construction, and care. Our team of dedicated professionals works diligently to provide the best landcare and customer services available.

Modern Technologies

Our CF Landscaping team uses the latest in lawn, garden, and property care technology to provide the best service possible. We operate using modern, high-performance machinery and equipment to make sure that our tools match the job we do for you! Having quality equipment that can perform the best jobs helps us provide the best in quality service for your landscaping needs.

Client Oriented

CF Landscaping prides itself on having a customer-driven focus, ensuring that the customer experience comes first and foremost. We strive to provide the best in quality customer service and care for all of our clients so that we are revered for both our landscaping experience and incredible service.

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We’re here to help your lawn come to life with professional care and maintenance at an affordable rate! Whether your garden needs help or your lawn is in need of some love, we’re your first and best choice! Contact us to learn more!

CF Landscaping is Your Local Landscaper!

Located in Milton, we’re dedicated to serving our community with the best in landscaping services. With a diverse set of skills, expertise, and experience in landscaping design and construction, our team of professionals offers professional and quality services at a reasonable and affordable price. For any of your landscaping needs please contact us at (289) 813-5345. Even if you want a specialized service not specifically listed here, contact us and see what we can do! We’re happy to help and our range of talents makes us well suited to many landscaping tasks!
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