Choosing a landscaper can be harder than most people expect it to be. Unless someone comes highly recommended to you by a friend, or family member then you can be taking a risk searching online for one. Most people search for a local company so there are no hidden fee’s for travel, and there are many different landscaping companies available in Rockwood, which makes it easier to choose from.

When it comes either designing, or maintaining your outdoor space there are a few different things to think about, and be sure of before heading into the process.


If you’re having your outdoor space designed for you, then you shouldn’t only be looking at companies. You should be looking at their portfolio, and the projects they’ve already worked on and completed. This way you can see their abilities and make sure that they’re capable of bringing your designs to life. It’s very common for any accomplished landscaper to post pictures of their work to show off their design skills, especially in rural and city areas. If they don’t have their portfolio online you can also go directly to their office to view it and ask any questions.

You’ll want a landscaper who is very experienced when it comes to residential landscaping, and may also inquire as to if they also do landscape maintenance and lighting as well. Not all companies offer this so this could determine whether or not you’re looking for a short-term or long-term service contract. You don’t always want to have this gorgeous space but spend hours every weekend maintaining it.


First impressions are always important, especially when you’re looking to hire someone. When your looking to choose a landscaper it’s okay to look at things such as their office space, the quality of their tools, appearance of their employees, where they get their supplies from etc. These can be good indicators as to how professional, and how good a company is when it comes to the quality of their work. However, just keep in mind that looks aren’t always correct. Also check if they have any customer testimonials, or ask around the community about them. See if they’ve done work for any neighbours and if so how they were to work with.

When your choosing, take into consideration whether or not the employees are wearing uniforms, or if their trucks are clean. This can be an issue of professionalism when it comes to any company. One big requirement is that they must own their own equipment. This can help prevent delays due to the appropriate equipment not being available.


After you’ve looked at their work now it’s time to turn your attention to another factor, the price. Have a face to face meeting with the contractor to get a feel of what they’re like and ask for a quote. If you find an experienced landscaper which you fall in love with then feel free to go with your gut. But other times it’s best to shop around for price. You’d be surprised in the vast price ranges you’ll find. It’s important to remember that just because they’re offering you the work at the highest price, doesn’t mean they’re the best for the job, just like the lowest price means you’ll get less quality.

Most landscapers can provide you with easy to understand, detailed estimates and they should be willing to spend the time talking to you, and going over plans. Customer service is a big part of hiring a landscaper. A good landscape contractor will offer to maintain and monitor the projects during, as well as check in after, to make sure that you’re satisfied and happy with your new space.


When entering into an outdoor project, you need someone with a flexible schedule you can rely on. They should be able to work around your schedule, and should be able to continue working on track without your supervision. You also need a contractor you can rely on and who can get the job done. Make sure they answer, or return your phone calls within a reasonable time period, and see if they’re readily available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

When it comes to finding a good, experienced landscaper to help you accomplish your outdoor dreams, or simply maintain that space you need to do your research. Never be afraid to ask around, or contact their previous references for more feedback. It’s your space and you deserve to have the best landscaping in Rockwood.

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