Your lawn is the first things people see when they come to your house, or even just simply walk and drive past it. It’s important to keep your lawn happy, healthy, and green. Weather can have serious effects on your lawn, as we all know the Canadian weather can be sporadic. Since Rockwood is on the borderline of the Niagara Greenbelt which will see everything from hot sunny days to heavy snowfalls, and everything in between.

How To Keep Your Lawn Safe

There are many different ways to protect your lawn, and make sure that it can really grow and flourish in any weather. These tips will ensure your lawn’s protected from the worst conditions mother nature can throw at you.

Have Your Lawn Winter Ready

 When that familiar chill is in the air it’s time to batton down the hatches for the winter. Wrap up your air conditioner, rake all of the leaves, and also prepare your lawn for the frost and snow.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn is going to take care of any areas which are already damaged, so find a brand or company you can trust in the Rockwood area to help. Fertilizer will also be a good replacement for the nutrients your grass needs, but are lost due to the cold weather. The fertilizer will still be there and feeding your roots throughout the winter so you’ll get that green vibrant lawn when it all melts.

Cut The Grass

After the fertilizer you’ll need to give your lawn a good cut. It’s best to cut your grass accordingly. Remember to raise your mowing height in the fall months to protect your grass, but at the same time you also can’t leave the grass too long or they could develop winter diseases such as snow mould.

leaf cleanup

Clean Up Your Lawn

Last but not least, make sure your lawn is clear of any ornaments, decor pieces such as logs, or big rocks, as well as leaves and branches. If you leave something heavy on your lawn over the winter, come spring you’ll have a dead patch underneath the object.



 When it comes to the peak of summer we all wonder if our lawns can withstand the heat. There a few things which can help your lawn beat the heat this summer without bursting into flames. Or drying out.

🍂 Don’t Cut The Grass Too Short

One of the most common mistakes you can make is cutting your grass too short. You may think the shorter it is the more time you’ll have in between cuts and you won’t have to worry about it, but when it’s cut too short it reduces your grasses ability to produce energy for growth. When you cut it at the proper height however, the grass develops stronger roots and will grow fuller. This is why it’s best to hire a professional lawn care team you can rely on in Rockwood for your lawn.

🍂 Don’t Over Water Your Grass

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to your lawn in the Summer is that you need to give it lots of water, especially during a heatwave. However, this isn’t true. When the soil becomes too wet it can pose many problems for the plants and soil organisms, which can lead to the roots of the grass losing oxygen.

🍂 Leave Those Grass Clippings Alone

Clippings are actually very beneficial to your lawn because it acts as a slow release fertilizer for the grass as it decomposes. Just keep these clippings away from streets, storm drains, and any bodies of water.

🍂 When In Drought, Don’t Do Anything

When your going through a dry spell it’s best to give your lawn some space. Lawns which are under stress are weakened when it comes to their recovery and growth. Cutting your lawn in these conditions can actually cause further damage to your lawn. Instead, wait until after a rainfall to cut your grass. Just make sure your grass is dry before you mow it so it doesn’t clump up.

Weather shouldn’t have any effects on your lawn, and you shouldn’t have to spend the seasons worrying about whether or not your lawn is surviving. Sometimes even hiring a professional to help, open and close, your lawn for the seasons can make a huge difference. There are many local landscapers in Rockwood who are qualified and ready to help make sure your lawn is safe and ready for any weather.

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