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CF Landscaping offers professional Landscaping In Acton

As an established landscape design and construction company, CF Landscaping specializes in garden transformations. Covering the whole of the Acton, Ontario, area, we offer a professional and tailored service to provide complete solutions from start to finish. Our local experts are highly experienced, providing environments suited to their surroundings in either contemporary or classically styled settings.

Whether you want help with design, construction or the everyday maintenance jobs essential to the upkeep of your garden, CF Landscaping is the company for you. Private or commercial land, in winter, summer, or fall, we have the tools, the ability and the passion required to turn your outdoor space into a better place.

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Professional Landscaping Design

All great gardens start as well-made plans. We begin every job with an on-site consultation. From this we create clear and concise designs through meticulous planning, bringing together functionality and practicality in an alluring package. CF Landscaping also offers a consultancy service, using our knowledge and experience to help you make the most of the space you have available. As a company constantly looking to innovate and improve, we very much like to have your input. If you have a particular idea for your garden, let us know and we can help turn your vision into a reality.

Landscape Construction

Once a design has been agreed, we will then attach a realistic cost and time-scale to all work discussed. With a team of experts specializing in separate areas of a landscaping project, we can then transform your Acton property with minimal fuss.

Using locally sourced and natural materials where possible, our landscaping services leave no stone unturned.

Sometimes you just want to wipe the canvas and begin again. This can involve a variety of types of work, including tree surgery, ground-work, and the construction and repair of fencing or new features and focal points. CF Landscaping also has experts who specialize in:

🍂 Inter-locking Paving

A current trend sweeping the Ontario neighbourhoods, inter-locking paving requires professional installation. Either fixing existing paths, deckings, or driveways which have become damaged, or laying new custom-made designs, CF Landscaping are highly proficient at creating stylish and reliable walkways in a wide variety of materials.

🍂 Steps & Retaining Walls

Pathways aren’t the only form of hardscaping we specialize in. More intricate features used to mould uneven and sloped land into a manicured design is also an area in which we excel. Built to be fully functional regarding support and drainage as well as visibly interesting features, our landscaping team-work rigorously to local building codes and the highest standards of craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting designs.

Expert Landscape Maintenance

Not only do we work well on major makeovers, we can also provide a delicate touch to add some sparkle to your garden. Keeping your garden in tip-top condition requires a lot of maintenance. Luckily, we have staff at the peak of physical fitness just waiting to do your manual labour. Whether it’s removing snow, leaves or any other material which you want clear, we have the tools and muscle to do it quickly and effectively.

🍂 Spring Cleaning

Getting your garden off to a good start in the year is essential to its overall health. Not only is it the time to plant shrubs and flowers, it’s the perfect time to make any repairs on fencing and trellises. With preparation the key to success, we can help with everything from clearing unkempt garden areas to trimming trees, so you can enjoy a perfect garden throughout the summer months ahead.

🍂 Fall Preparation

Raking leaves and debris is not the only chore which needs attending to once summer has come to an end. Ensuring the plants and ground is ready for the approaching cold weather is vital for the continued success of your outdoor spaces.

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At CF Landscaping, we don’t just come with the right tools for the job, we can supply all necessary materials too. Our experts also have years of experience, something we consider the most crucial tool of all. Specialising in many different areas of outdoor renovation, our team can help you budget your project and find the best solutions to fit your needs by providing practical solutions.

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