Acton Snow Removal Services


snow removal services

With snowfall typically landing in Ontario for six months of every year, its removal is an important part of community life. As a professional company undertaking this winter service, CF Landscaping is one of Acton’s most trusted firms for snow and ice removal.

Based in the local area, we can react quickly to any storms or changes in weather to aid you when you need us most. Our fast and reliable service can ensure you constantly have full access to and from your home.

With a range of snow management strategies, we have the tools and the know-how to tackle the heaviest of snowstorms. From pre-treatment snow plans to clearances and emergency maintenance work, our expert technicians can help you win the seemingly never-ending war against the wintry elements.

Driveway Snow Removal

We don’t believe that snowy conditions should interfere with your daily routines. Whether you need to drive to work or want clear access for others to safely reach you, our driveway plowing service can keep your home safe and accessible.

Using well-maintained and modern equipment, we have trained crews ready to efficiently unblock your home’s access roads. Our around-the-clock service also means they’re available whenever you may need us.

Walkway Snow Removal

Not only can we clear bulk areas of covered tarmac, we can also clear the more intricate pathways surrounding your property. From hand-operated snow blowers to old-fashioned shovelling, we have the tools to tackle any type of pathway. Our expertly trained team also pay careful attention to details, ensuring all walkways are perfectly safe and greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

Town Sidewalk Snow Removal

Either commercial or residential, our professional snow management crews will ensure safe passage for anyone passing by your property. Further to restoring full access, we will also see that the land is maintained in the best possible condition.

Beyond moving snow from the sidewalks, it’s also critical to preventing drains becoming blocked. Our workers can also remove the snow altogether, preventing ice walls blighting the neighbourhood for months to come.


While snow can cause problems, ice is the cause of most winter dangers. From weakening the structural integrity of walls and roofs to creating accident-prone areas, de-icing is critical to ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Salting is an eco-friendly method of ice removal and also a way of removing ice without causing damage to the surfaces below. Ideal for either the prevention or removal of ice, we use salt as part of an overall solution when creating safe outdoor areas.

Reliable Snow Removal Services

For quick, reliable and safe snow removal, CF Landscaping offers a premium service across the whole of Acton, Ontario. Constantly tracking storms, we optimize our schedules to fit the weather patterns rather than working to regular office hours.

With affordable prices for either one-off clearances or package deals catered to your needs, call us today to plan ahead for the coming storms. We can save you time, money and energy in maintaining your property in great condition, whatever the weather.