When To Trim Your Tree


Everyone knows that trees play an important role in our environment. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale the oxygen we breathe. But did you know that they can suffer from a lot more than just bad weather? It’s not always noticeable when a tree is sick and the same way that we go to the doctors when we’re sick, trees are the same way. When your tree is sick it’s a good idea to call a local tree trimming in the Acton area.

If your tree is suffering it may not be obvious at first. Depending on the problem it could be years until you are able to notice a problem since it may be happening only on the inside of the tree. Here are some indicators to look for that say your tree may need help.

🍂 Recognize The Issues

When it comes to trees there are many different issues that they can have. Not only do they battle the elements day in and day out, but they can also suffer from serious conditions and even disease. If you think there’s a chance that your tree may be sick, or dying then here are some possible problems.

🍂 Tree Cankers and Cracks

A good sign that your tree may be sick is if you start to notice holes in it that weren’t made by animals. The medium and large holes are called cankers and they can mean that your tree is struggling. Another sign your tree may be in danger is if you can see deep splits or cracks in the wood of the tree. If these become deep enough the part of the tree it’s effecting can break off over time and fall.

🍂 Tree Isn’t Standing Tall

If you notice that over the years your tree has gone from standing straight up to leaning to one side it may be on it’s last legs. If your tree starts to exhibit uneven growth patterns this can also be a sign of trouble. This usually has something to do with age. The older the tree the more it’s been through.

🍂 Weak Branch Unions

A sign of weak branch unions is when you see a part of the tree which is not longer being held on by the tree itself, but by the bark of the tree. Weak branch unions occur when two branches grow too close together and bark has grown between them. But bark isn’t a strong enough substitution for the trunk of the tree so it weakens the union of the branches. This can be dangerous because eventually the branch will snap and fall off.

🍂 Tree Decay

When a tree starts to decay it will start on the inside and slowly make it’s way out. This is one of the most dangerous situations because on the outside your tree can look perfectly fine. Meanwhile on the inside it’s almost completely rotted out. This means the foundation of the tree is no longer being properly supported and it can be taken down a lot easier than usual.

Some signs that may show on the outside would be fungi growing on the tree like mushrooms, or if the wood is starting to become soft and crumble. To get a better idea of the health of the tree it’s best to call a professional to come and take a look.

How To Help Your Tree

If you notice any of these signs on one of your trees then unfortunately it won’t get better on it’s own. If any of these are happening and you choose to simply ignore it it will only get worse over time and cause more damage.

Your first step needs to be finding a professional tree trimming service around Acton and get someone over to take a look at your tree and run diagnostics. They’ll be able to not only give you a professional, and more accurate answer as to the health of your tree. If it is sick and does need to be taken care of then they’ll have the appropriate equipment and experience to handle it safely and without doing further damage to the tree itself. Once your tree is healthy again it will be more resilient to any further disease.

A sick and dying tree can do more damage than you would think. If it’s in a residential area it can take down things like power lines and can do extensive damage to not only your property but to anything it lands on. Homes, sidewalks, roads and people included.