Lawn Care Burlington


It doesn’t matter if you need residential or commercial landscaping services, CF Landscaping offers both with comprehensive service at affordable rates. We offer professional lawn care services to serve Burlington and the surrounding area to bring the best in terms of quality and care. Our landscaping and lawn care services are complete and comprehensive, including planning, design, construction, and maintenance.

Our expertise and experience ensures that we are your one-stop-shop for all of your Burlington lawn care and landscaping needs.

Maintaining your property at a professional level to balance both its health and appearance requires regular and diligent commitment and care. For some people, this is too demanding and stressful. If you’d rather not deal with the strain and hassle of maintaining your lawn care yourself, hiring a professional team is a great way to ensure it lives up to the quality you want and sticks to a regular routine.

What We Can Do For You!

Here at CF Landscaping, we’re a team of dedicated and hard-working professionals committed to bring out the best lawns and properties in Burlington and the surrounding area. In order to do this, we strive to provide a complete and comprehensive service, offering all of the potential services your lawn may require to keep it healthy and stunning. We not only cover essential services, but also offer specialty services that are more demanding and difficult to perform.

If you require a service that we don’t have listed, please ask us about it! We have an experienced team that has a diverse range of skills which can be used to perform specialized tasks you may require.

🍂 Spring Cleaning

Prepping for the upcoming spring is important for getting good growth and a healthy start to the year. Making sure you get a proper spring cleaning will ensure that your yard is clear and free of dead leaves and debris that could harm the health and look of your lawn. By removing all of these at the beginning of the season, you help set your lawn up for healthy and substantial growth when spring comes.

🍂 Fall Cleaning

While spring cleaning is important for clearing away and letting your property grow, fall cleaning can greatly help your lawn grow come spring time. Fall cleaning ensures that your lawn is able to rest and prepare for the next season with less strain and harm over the course of the winter months. Raking, pruning, and cleaning up your lawn in the fall is the best way to prepare it for a fast, healthy start in the next spring.

🍂 Mowing

Having your lawn regularly mowed is a standard part of maintaining the care of your lawn. However, this is a constant and demanding chore that many of us like to avoid. If you simply want to get out of doing it yourself, want to save time from your busy schedule, or want a professional quality look, leave mowing to our hard-working and seasoned team. This will save you a load of time and effort too!

🍂 Basic Care

Our basic Burlington lawn care services provide everything that your lawn needs to keep its health and appearance. This includes fertilizing, aerating, top dressings, and dethatching the lawn to ensure that it gets proper nutrients, ventilation, and styling. These are the basis for instilling strong growth in your lawn and ensuring that this is maintained.

🍂 Specialty Lawn Care

As a landscaping company set on providing the full range of lawn care services, we go beyond the basic services to make sure your lawn looks stunning. We offer floral design, seeding, mulching, and sodding service to make sure that all of your landscaping and lawn care needs in Burlington can be serviced by CF Landscaping.

Top Quality Burlington Lawn Care Services

CF Landscaping is your source for the best, most comprehensive lawn care services in Burlington and the surrounding region. It’s our pleasure and pride to design, create, and monitor lawns and properties across Burlington in order to provide top-quality landscaping services to our community.

If you would like any range of our services, please contact us at 5555 855 555. Our CF Landscaping team will be happy to hear from you!