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Here at CF Landscaping, our team of professionals offers comprehensive Georgetown landscaping services and the surrounding region. In order to be your number one source for all your landscaping needs, we offer help with design, construction, and maintenance. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial services, we can provide the highest standards in landscaping to your home, small business, or commercial building.

Our team of experienced professionals bring not only the best skills, but also the highest quality tools, work ethic, and attitude, giving you the best in landscaping services for your property in Georgetown, Ontario.


Our Most Popular Landscape Services

Landscape Design

Our landscaping services start at the very beginning, with the conceptualization and design of your property. We will work to develop a stunning property design that also offers functionality in order to make maintenance and upkeep simpler and more convenient.

Without the best designs, you’ll never get the perfect look for your property. That’s why we work from the outset to help develop a property that you’ll love and be proud of. We don’t just want to create beautiful landscapes; we want to add value to your home that will last.

Landscape Construction

Once we’ve worked with you to design the stunning, charming landscaping design for your Georgetown property, we’ll set it in motion. Our team of experts will work diligently to bring your property to life and build the most gorgeous property for your home, including not just your lawn, but walkways, patiros, and much more!

You can trust our team of experts to produce the perfect landscape for your Georgetown property, whether it’s a personal or commercial property.

Our comprehensive landscaping services include a wide range of services on top of simple design and construction:

🍂 Interlocking Paving

We feature a range of interlocking paving products, providing this service for not just driveways, but also walkways and patios. We can help create an outdoor oasis for you by creating stunning interlocking walkways and patios throughout your property. We carry a wide range of natural stone products in order to offer a variety of style and decorative options for your property.

🍂 Steps & Retaining Walls

Not only can we build stunning walkways and patios, but we can also create more complex landscaping features, such as steps and retaining walls. We can produce steps in a variety of styles to match the rest of your property, including with wood, pouring and moulding, and interlocking stones. All of these look incredible when matched to the rest of your outside design features.

Our highly skilled landscapers are also able to construct high quality retaining walls that will not only look incredible, but will last long and stand up to damage over time, from both shifting ground and weather. We know that its appearance is just as important as its functionality, which is why we are committed to producing a final product that both you – and we – can be proud of.

Landscape Maintenance

On top of the landscaping design and construction services we offer, we also provide landscaping maintenance. This ensures that your property is properly cared for and your landscape is upheld. We’ll work hard to ensure that we provide seasonal cleanup for your property. This will keep your property looking and feeling healthy year round.

🍂 Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is important for making sure that your lawn looks stunning and is cleared so that it can grow healthy come summer. This will make sure that there is no debris to hinder your lawn and halt growth. By making sure you clear away the debris and effects from the winter, you’ll keep your lawn healthy and make sure that maintenance throughout the season is simple and convenient.

🍂 Fall Preparation

Although spring cleaning is important for summer growth, this can also be supported with a fall preparation. By removing debris and cleaning to prepare for the winter, you can ensure that your lawn and plants are ready for the cold temperatures and will withstand the winter well. This will help your lawn and plants bounce back full, rich, and healthy at the end of the winter. When spring comes, you can clean and your property will look wonderful!

Whether you need regular landscaping care or full-fledged landscaping services, including design, construction, and maintenance, we’re here to help at CF Landscaping in Georgetown. We can keep your property in good standing or bring it up to the standards you have for your property’s appearance.

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