Georgetown Tree Trimming


Trees play a very important part of our environment and they can affect more things than we think. There’s a saying, if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it still make a sound? A falling tree will always make a noise but if a tree were to fall in your yard you’re bound to do a lot more than hear it.

Trees don’t usually fall for no reason and unless there’s a storm with gale force winds, the more likely conclusion is that it was sick. Any tree trimming service in Georgetown should be able to diagnose the situation quickly and efficiently.

When a tree is sick and ignored it won’t go away on it’s own and it will get worse over time. When we get sick we need attention and the same goes for trees. But how do you know your tree is sick or dying? There are usually some indicators which will give you a clue, but you have to pay attention to them.

Recognizing A Possible Issue

Trees can have more problems than you’d think and when you choose to ignore them they’ll only get worse with time. Not only are trees constantly battling the elements but they can also be suffering from a disease or are slowly rotting from the inside out.

If you suspect that your tree may be sick or worse dying, here are some good indicators at what the problem could be.

🍂 Tree Decay (Tree Rot)

It’s usually almost impossible to know if your tree is rotting because it will occur inside the tree itself and work it’s way out. Although there are a few signs that your tree may be rotting. If you notice any fungi growing on the tree such as mushrooms they can be a sign of what’s happening on the inside. Also if you notice patches of soft crumbling wood on the outside of the tree that can be another strong sign it’s rotting inside. For a better idea as to what’s happening you can always find a professional and get them to take a look at your tree.

🍂 Your Tree Is In Poor Standing

If you notice that your tree is becoming a little lopsided, it could be nothing, it could also be something. If your tree starts showing uneven growth patterns or is starting to really lean to one side then there could be a problem. It also depends on the age of the tree itself. After years of standing tall against storms and anything else which came it’s way will eventually weaken the structure of the tree and it will develop these issues.

🍂 Cracks And Cankers In The Tree

Another sign that your tree may be worse for wear is if you start to notice holes, or cracks in the wood. A crack or split is usually large or deep enough to notice and is cause for concern since it means the tree is splitting. Eventually it will fall off and in residential areas can be high risk. If you notice holes in the trees that weren’t made by animals then it could be cankers which is another sign of your trees failing health.

If you notice a big split or a split that runs deep it’s very important that you contact someone in the Georgetown area to come look at the tree and possibly even remove the piece entirely.

🍂 Weak Branch Unions

This can be another dangerous situation if it occurs in your tree. When a branch is no longer attached directly to the tree it’s called a weak branch union. This will occur if two branches grow too close together and the bark has grown between them. The bark isn’t a suitable substitute for the tree itself and it will eventually snap off on it’s own. However if it’s a big branch it has the potential to do some serious harm to whatever it falls on.

When a tree is healthy it becomes more resilient towards these diseases and conditions which is why it’s important to have a healthy tree. If you think that your trees health may be starting to fail then it’s best to call a tree trimming service in Georgetown to come and take a look. They’ll be able to make a professional diagnosis as to what’s happening with the tree and they’ll also have the appropriate training and equipment to handle the situation the proper and safe way.