Guelph Tree Trimming


When it comes to caring for your property, you want to make sure it’s done with attention and care. In order to keep your property in the best health and appearance, tree trimming is essential. To offer the best tree trimming service to our local area, we provide Guelph tree trimming and other landscaping services.

To provide service from beginning to end, we offer a comprehensive service that includes basic tree trimming and more challenging tasks such as emergency services and tree removal:contact us today!


Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning your trees is necessary to ensure the proper upkeep, care, and health of your trees. By making sure to trim them regularly and properly, you will keep them in the best shape and make sure that your property not only remains healthy, but also looks stunning.

🍂 Summer Trimming

One of our essential services is a summer tree trimming and pruning, which cleans your property and makes sure that it’s ready for the new season. This not only keeps your property looking incredible for the year, but also keeps your trees and lawn healthy. They will grow back richer, fuller, and more beautiful if cleared of any dying, dead, or diseased branches. This also lets you prune the tree to the shape that you want for the season.

Tree Fertilization

On top of our tree trimming service, we will help support regrowth in the new season by fertilizing the trees during maintenance. It’s important that they get adequate nourishment for the upcoming season and that they are not overly fertilized either, as this can cause burning and damage. Making sure to fertilize your trees and plants properly will keep them in full health and provide the nutrients they need to grow healthy. Getting the balance right is the best way to maintain their health.

Tree Removal

On top of regular tree trimming services in the Guelph region, we also offer tree removal for more difficult jobs. If the cuts you need to make are difficult to reach or the tree itself may be dangerous, trusting a professional to remove it may be your safest and most efficient way of doing the job. If your tree trimming requires limbing or climbing, you don’t want to risk this yourself.

In this case, consult our professional team at CF Landscaping in order to get tree removal and trimming in Guelph, Ontario.

Regular and Consistent Services

If you want your trees to be kept in the best condition and to maintain their appearance, you’ll want to make sure that they are given regular and consistent maintenance and care. This will leave your property looking beautiful and will also allow you to keep your property healthy. This way, your trees will grow well each year and will be sure to be strong and live long.

For a regular service that you can rely on, trust professionals to complete your Guelph tree trimming tasks. We’ll be sure to keep them in good standing and make sure they stay healthy year round.

Power Lines

If your residential or commercial property has trees that are close to power lines, it is incredibly important to maintain care of your trees in order to keep your property safe and your trees in good health. Trimming the trees around regularly will keep them in good standing and allow you to maintain safety and care. Proper and regular maintenance is needed for this to be done properly. In some cases, emergency services may be required. However, maintenance is always better if you can as this can keep you from needing emergency services.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Our team at CF Landscaping also offers 24-Hour emergency services if you need an immediate response. If you have trees that need removal because of safety reasons, including storms, it may be best to get emergency tree removal. As experienced landscapers, we can provide safe, adequate, and timely services when you need an immediate job done or an emergency service.

When it comes to keeping your trees – and entire property – in the best condition, you should rely on the best. Our team at CF Landscaping offers tree trimming, pruning, and removal so that you can be sure it’s done right, safely, and that it looks incredible!