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When it comes to getting the best landscaping services in Rockwood and the surrounding areas, our CF Landscaping team is here for you. To be the best service in the region and to provide you with a full range of landscaping services, we will work from beginning to end on your property, including design, construction, and maintenance services. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for residential, small business, or commercial building services, we can help!

The CF Landscaping team not only offers high quality skills, but we bring the best tools, work ethic, and attitude to the job site as well. This all translates into the best looking property for you at the end of the day!

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Landscape Design

For the best landscaping results, it needs to start at the beginning, from conceptualization and design all the way through to construction. That’s why we offer landscaping design services as part of our comprehensive services. Not only will we make sure that your property looks incredible, but we’ll also ensure that it functions ideally, helping to make your upkeep and maintenance easy and convenient. Without the highest construction standards, you won’t get the results you want for your property. In order to have the best construction and final product, you need to start by conceptualizing and designing to the highest standards. We don’t stop at gorgeous landscapes though, we also understand that it’s about adding real value to your home.

Landscape Construction

After we’ve designed an incredible, cute, and eye-catching landscape for your Rockwood property, we’ll start constructing it and bringing it to life. We’ll create and build a landscape for your home, small business, or commercial property, ensuring that it lives up to the standards you have of your property.

We know that you property is the first impression you give to your customers and guests, which is why we put our best foot forward so your guests can set their feet on the best lawns, walkways, and patios! We offer more complicated and advanced services, including interlocking paving and stonework, steps, and retaining walls.

Whether you want landscaping services for your home, small business, or commercial building, our team of experienced professionals can carry out the job for your Rockwood property. Our wide range of services includes a comprehensive set of services for all of your landscaping and lawn care needs that go beyond simple design and construction:

🍂 Interlocking Paving

Our more advanced services include interlocking paving products that make for incredible driveways, walkways, and patios. These can allow you to add character and beauty to your entire property, creating a unique and charming design for both you and your guests. We carry a wide selection of natural stones, different materials, and a number of styles to choose from for you to create the exact design you’re looking for.

🍂 Steps & Retaining Walls

We also construct more complex projects, such as steps and retaining walls that allow you to create intricate, beautiful designs for your property. These can be made to accent your existing property, stand out, or match the rest of your home design. Our high quality materials, production, and installation ensures that these more difficult builds will last long and stand up to wear and tear, including shifting and weather erosion.

Landscape Maintenance

Designing and building your dream landscape isn’t enough; we want it to stay that way. That’s why we also offer a range of maintenance services so that we can keep your Rockwood property in great standing. Whether you have a residential, small business, or commercial property, we can help your property look incredible and stay that way, drawing the attention of visitors and people passing by.

🍂 Spring Cleaning

In order to keep your property healthy and stunning for the summer months, you’ll need to clean it in the spring when the cold temperatures (and snow) leave. We’ll clear away debris and make sure that your lawn is cleaned and prepared for the upcoming season. This will help it grow back full and rich in the summer so that it’s as healthy as it can be.

🍂 Fall Preparation

Although your spring cleaning is probably more advantageous for growth in the summer, preparing in the fall is a great way of ensuring that your lawn, plants, and trees stay healthy over the winter and through the cold temperatures. This way, your lawn will grow back healthy in the coming season and be poised to be as healthy as it can be.

🍂 Garden Maintenance

On top of building your retaining walls, mulching your flower beds, and planting annual flowers, we’ll help maintain your garden over time by fertilizing your plants and flowers, by trimming plants and trees, and by ensuring the health and vibrancy of your garden.

Whether or not you need consistent lawn care or a comprehensive landscaping service that includes design, construction, and maintenance, CF Landscaping is the place to go! We offer reliable, timely, and quality service to Rockwood and the surrounding area so that you can have the best looking property!

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