Rockwood Lawn Care


Your lawn – whether for your personal residence, your small business, or your commercial building – is a cornerstone of your property and its appearance. If you’re looking for a steady, affordable, and quality Rockwood lawn care, our team at CF Landscaping can help you! With comprehensive landscaping services, timely service, and high standards of both lawn care and customer service, you can trust our team of landscaping experts!


Landscaping & Lawn Care

Lawn care and maintenance is essential to keeping it healthy, rich, and beautiful throughout the entire year. If you want to save yourself the hassle of taking care of your own lawn, have trouble making the time in your busy schedule, or can’t handle the load yourself, our team at CF Landscaping can offer full-service lawn care for whatever you need.

Our services include regular maintenance so that your lawn looks stunning, including mowing, fertilizing, and planting. This will keep your lawn growing healthy – and looking gorgeous – throughout the entire year. It will save you time and effort throughout the season. Trusting this job to our professional team not only gets you professional quality service, but also ensures that a routine is followed for your lawn care.

🍂 Spring Cleaning

If you want your lawn to grow back healthy and look its best, you’ll want to make sure you get a spring cleaning. By removing all of the debris from the previous season and the winter, you’ll make sure that your lawn is prepared for new growth throughout spring and into the summer. Spring cleaning is the most important, as it ensures that you remove all the obstacles from the winter season and get your lawn ready for the new year.

🍂 Fall Preparation

Although spring cleaning is more essential, preparing for the winter by doing a fall cleaning is great for setting your lawn up for future success. It will ensure that your lawn takes less damage during the season and is better prepared for the cold temperatures and snow. Come the next season, your lawn will be ready bounce back better than ever.

🍂 Garden Maintenance

Our lawn care services are not limited strictly to your lawn, but extend to your entire property. We’ll take care of your garden from design to construction to maintenance. When we care for your lawn, we can also offer treatment and care for your garden, including planting, mulching, and fertilizing.

If you decide you want a retaining wall, we can also help you design, build, and install flowers. If you already have a retaining wall set up that you love, but it’s suffered from shifting earth and weather erosion, we can help repair your retaining wall so that your garden looks incredible.

🍂 Tree Trimming

Your entire lawn won’t look incredible if your trees don’t look incredible too. That’s why we provide tree trimming and pruning services, keeping your trees healthy and beautiful, accenting your lawn and making your property look stunning. As part of our regular lawn care, we’ll clear away fallen branches. Why not have us trim and prune your trees and plants too, making sure that we can clean your lawn completely and fully service your property.

Residential and Commercial

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial services in Rockwood, we can help give you the lawn care you deserve. We understand that personal homes, small business, and local commercial buildings all need a great outer appearance. By creating a charming and clean landscape for your property, we help you make a great first – and lasting – impression in your community.

Landscape Design & Construction

As a comprehensive landscaping company, our services don’t stop at just lawn care. We also work hard to design, develop, and construct the best landscapes in the Rockwood area. We work diligently and closely with our customers to make sure that we design a lawn and landscape that you’ll love for years to come.

Once we’ve helped design your dreams, we’ll help bring them to life, constructing your landscape so that you stand out in the community. We aren’t satisfied unless we finish something that we – and our customers – can be proud of. That’s why we bring the best tools, skills, and attitude to every job.

As a full-service landscaping company, you can trust us with everything you need, including landscape design, construction, and maintenance. We’ll be sure to take care of your Rockwood lawn and keep it in the same standing that we leave it, so that you can make a great first – and lasting – impression.