Rockwood Tree Trimming


Rockwood Tree Trimming

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? The answer is obvious. But if a tree were to fall in your yard you’ll definitely be able to do more than hear it. Trees don’t usually fall over for no reason, unless it’s been struck by lightening, or their are gale force winds, or an earthquake. Leaving all of these weather conditions aside, your tree may have fallen because it was sick.

When trees become sick they require attention just like people do when they catch a cold or the flu. But with trees they can’t get better on their own, which is why finding a professional Rockwood tree trimming service is the first step in determining what’s wrong with it.

How To Recognize An Issue

Trees can have more problems than most of us would think. But when you do stop to think about it it starts to make sense. Not only are trees constantly at war with the elements and wild animals, they’re also susceptible to human abuse as well. Improper maintenance of trees can result in sometimes serious consequences.

🍂 Tree Decay (Tree Rot)

When your tree begins to rot usually you’ll be completely unaware because it will look healthy. The tree will start to rot on the inside and work it’s way up and down the tree before you’ll notice any problems on the outside. However there are a couple of signs which could indicate that your tree is beginning to rot. If you notice any fungi such as mushrooms growing on the tree this could be a sign of tree rot, along with soft crumbling wood on the tree. If you want to get a better idea of what’s going on with your tree you can also call in a professional to take a look and further investigate any problems.

🍂 Cankers and Cracks In The Tree

Another sign that your tree may be on it’s way out is if you start to notice cracks or holes in the wood. A crack or split will usually be deep enough for you to notice and depending on the length of it or where the split is occurring, it may cause serious problems not only for the tree, but anything around it as well. Eventually the split will grow and the branch will break off. If you’re living in a residential area this could pose many threats to your property, as well as the safety of yourself and others.

If you start to notice any holes in the tree which weren’t made by animals then it could mean your tree has cankers which is another indicator that your trees health is failing.

🍂 Weak Branch Unions

This is a common sign that your trees health is deteriorating, but it can be a lengthy and dangerous process. When a branch is no longer attached directly to the core of the tree and is only being held on by bark is called a weak branch union. This will happen when two branches grow close together and the bark grows in between them. But the bark isn’t a suitable replacement for the strength of the tree and the branch below will eventually snap off on it’s own. This is what makes it particularly dangerous because it will usually happen without warning and can pose serious issues to anything near it.

🍂 Your Tree Is In Poor Standing

If your tree is starting to look a little lopsided it could be nothing. But if your tree stats to show uneven growth patterns and is really leaning to one side then there may be a bigger issue. The age of the tree itself can also play a big part in this. After years of storms, abuse from humans and anything else thrown at it can eventually weaken the core of the tree and it’s structure which can lead to these issues.

The healthier the tree the more resilient they’ll be when it comes to diseases and conditions such as this. If you think your tree may be sick, or dying it’s best to find a professional Rockwood tree Contractor and ask for help. They’ll be able to further assess the situation of your tree and determine the best route to take. They’ll also have the appropriate training and equipment to do whatever is necessary to help your tree.