Waterdown Lawn Care


City landscapers mowing lawn with gas trimmer and lawnmower
Your property is often the first impression your residence or business will get to make. Having a gorgeous lawn that is in order will help help make this first impression a good one. Our team at CF Landscaping offers a range of lawn care services so that you have an appearance that matches the quality and standards of your residence or business. If you want reliable, affordable, and quality Waterdown lawn care, contact us today!


Landscaping & Lawn Care

If you want to keep your lawn in the best condition, proper lawn care and maintenance is integral. Trusting this to professionals will make sure that your lawn is healthy, rich, and beautiful throughout the whole year. It will also save you the trouble of dealing with it yourself. If you can’t fit lawn care into your busy schedule or have trouble taking on all of the responsibilities, our team can take on what you need – or your entire landscaping services.

Our services include everything necessary to keep your lawn in the best condition, including mowing, fertilizing, and planting. We’ll keep your property in the best condition possible, making sure it grows well and looks incredible. Trusting professionals also ensures a steady routine and regimen for your lawn care.

🍂 Spring Cleaning

The most important time to clean your lawn is during the spring, once the cold weather leaves. By cleaning the debris and damage from the winter season, you set your lawn up for the best growth come spring and make sure that this will last until the next fall. It ensures that your lawn is the most prepare for growth in the new year and will actually save you time and effort throughout the rest of the year.

🍂 Fall Preparation

Despite the fact that a spring cleaning is more important for growth during the spring and summer, preparing in the fall with a cleaning will get your lawn, plants, and trees ready for the cold temperatures and weather in the winter. This will make sure that your lawn is ready for what comes and is set up for proper growth as best as it can be when spring comes.

🍂 Garden Maintenance

We don’t just mow, trim, and care for your lawn; we also offer design, building, and maintenance for your garden. We can treat and care for your garden, including planting, mulching, and fertilizing along with the regular lawn care we offer.

We also build retaining walls that can make your property look absolutely stunning. Our constructions are built with care and attention by experienced and seasoned landscapers so that they will last long and stand up to damage over time, including earth movement and weather erosion.

🍂 Tree Trimming

We want your entire property to look stunning, which is why we don’t stop at your lawn. Tending to the trees on your property not only helps with the health and appearance of your trees, but also helps your lawn. Tending to this properly ensures that debris doesn’t disrupt your lawn throughout the season. When getting regular lawn care, having us trim your trees can greatly help the health and appearance of your property.

Residential and Commercial

As a team of experienced, skilled, and professional landscapers, we can provide any type of service you need, from residential to commercial. It doesn’t matter if it’s your personal residence, your small business, or your commercial building, we know that your property is important. That’s why we provide the highest level of service no matter what your needs are.

Landscape Design & Construction

In order to provide a full service to our customers, we offer a full range of landscaping service to help ensure that your lawn is cared for. We not only offer maintenance services, but will also design and construct your desired Waterdown landscape as well! We’ll work hard to make sure that we not only bring it to life, but make it last for years to come.

If you’re looking for any or all of our services in Waterdown or the surrounding region, we’re happy to help you. Please contact us at CF Landscaping today to share your plans with us! As a team of professionals, we’ll make sure that your lawn care is of the highest standards, making sure that your lawn grows healthy and your property looks incredible.