Waterdown Tree Trimming


Not only do trees clean our air, give us shade and provide us with good memories, they are also easily harmed. They play a vital role in our everyday lives but when they start to obstruct your view, or begin to die then they can become dangerous. In Waterdown there are many tree trimming services who can help with your trees if they start to cause any issues.

When a tree become sick they require attention just like we do. However, if you choose to ignore it the problem won’t go away and will only get worse with time. But how can you tell if your tree is sick, or if it’s dying? There are some indicators as to whether or not your tree may be on it’s last legs.

Recognizing A Possible Issue

When it comes to trees they can have more problems than you’d think. Not only are trees constantly battling the element and any other abuse thrown at them over the years, but they could also be suffering from a sickness or even dying.

If you suspect that your tree may be sick or worse, here are some signs too look for.

🍂 Tree Decay (Tree Rot)

With tree decay it’s tricky since when the tree suffers from this it’s on the inside. Tree rot occurs inside the trunk of the tree and spreads throughout before it starts to show on the outside of the tree. From the outside it can look perfectly healthy, maybe a few missing branches. Although there are a few signs that your tree maybe be suffering from tree decay. Patches of soft crumbling wood can be an indicator of the rot working it’s way to the outside of the tree, whereas fungi growing on it, such as mushrooms, can be an indicator of what’s happening on the inside.

🍂 Your Tree Is In Poor Standing

If you start to notice that your tree is becoming lopsided or leaning too far to one side then it could be another sign of an issue. With trees you have to keep in mind that many of them have been around for decades. That’s years of dealing with wild animals, storms, freezing temperatures and the heat. All of these can be factors in weakening the structure of the tree itself and cause it to either become lopsided or to start developing uneven growth patterns.

🍂 Cracks And Cankers In Your Tree

If you start to notice cracks or splits in the tree this could be another cause for concern. A crack or split is usually large or deep enough to notice and could mean that the branch or wood is getting ready to split off from the tree. If you live in a residential area than this can be a very big concern. When it falls it can pose a risk to anything or anyone it lands on.

If you notice any holes in the tree that wasn’t made by an animal or person then it’s possible your tree could be developing cankers. Cankers are another sign of your trees possible failing health.

🍂 Weak Branch Unions

When you see a branch which is no longer attached to the tree but is being held on, that’s what’s called a weak branch union. This will happen when branches grow too closely together and the bark has grown between them. However the bark isn’t a strong enough substitution for the core of the tree and it will eventually break off on it’s own. This can be another problem if you’re living in a residential area or depending on what’s near the tree. Sometimes they’re only minor branches but they can also be larger branches depending on the tree and how old it is.

It’s important to have a healthy tree. When a tree is healthy it’s more resilient towards any of these conditions or diseases, just like the healthier we are as people the stronger we are. If you feel as though your tree’s health is starting to deteriorate then it’s best to call and get a second opinion from a professional.

Find a company in Waterdown which specializes in tree trimming and explain your situation to them. Not only will they have the answer for you on what’s happening to your tree, but if there is a problem they’ll be able to fix it and will have the equipment and training to do so safely and efficiently. You don’t want to cause more harm to your tree then it’s already experiencing and the professionals will know what to do.