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If you’re looking for high quality landscaping services in the Waterloo Region and surrounding area, our team at CF Landscaping is the place to go! Our team of seasoned professionals are experienced and skilled in landscaping design, construction, and maintenance. No matter what types of service you are looking for and no matter what the type of location – residential, small business, or commercial – we can give you a product that you and your guests will be satisfied with.
We not only bring the best skills to the job site, but also the best tools, work ethic, and attitude. This is how we ensure that we give you a quality construction every time, making sure to offer customer service that meets the same standards.

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Landscape Design

Building the best landscapes for any property – whether it’s residential or commercial in nature – starts with planning and design. Our team starts at the beginning to design a quality landscape that highlights and complements your property. Not only will we make sure it looks stunning; we’ll make sure it’s functional too, helping you save both time and money when it comes to maintenance and upkeep.

Without starting out right, it will be impossible to bring your masterpiece to life. That’s why we like to offer comprehensive services that meet your needs through every step of the process, ensuring you’re more than happy with the final product. Not only will we create stunning landscapes that look incredible, but we’ll add value to your home that will last!

Landscape Construction

After we’ve helped plan and design your perfect landscape, we’ll bring hard work, skills, and experience to your property in order to bring it to life! We’ll work diligently to create the best landscaping design to your Waterloo property so that you – and your guests – are drawn to it. The extent of our services is not just limited to simple landscaping, but extends to more complicated services like walkway and patio design and construction.

We offer simple landscaping services including lawn care, as well as more advanced, difficult services that would be harder to do yourself. It doesn’t matter if you want service for your personal, commercial, or small business property, we can tailor our services to you. These more advanced services include various types of design and construction to create a more unique and particular design:

🍂 Interlocking Paving

Interlocking paving is a featured product that is much more difficult to do on your own. As a professional service, we have access to a wide range of materials and experience developing and producing different styles and constructions. Trust our experienced team at CF Landscaping for top-quality interlocking stone, using a range of different products.

🍂 Steps & Retaining Walls

We also build steps and retaining walls as part of our wide range of available services. These tasks are much more difficult than typical lawn care and sculpting. When entrusted to a professional service, you’ll be sure to get the best construction – and look – on your steps and retaining walls, as well as make sure that they last long and remain durable. Professional built retaining walls will resist wear and tear better, including weather erosion and shifting earth.
These designs can be built to match your property as it is or create a more unique and contrasted appearance; either way, your home is sure to look absolutely stunning.

Landscape Maintenance

Designing and building the perfect landscape for your Waterloo property isn’t enough; we want to keep it that way. To make sure that your property stays healthy, stunning, and appealing, we provide regular lawn care and maintenance. This way, your property will be cared for properly and will always draw the right looks.

🍂 Spring Cleaning

Cleaning up your lawn for the spring gets rid of all debris and makes sure that your lawn is prepared for solid growth in the new season. Having a professional team deal with your lawn care needs will not only make sure it’s done to the best standards, but also that it’s done routinely and regularly.

🍂 Fall Preparation

While your spring cleaning may be more essential, preparing your lawn for the fall is the best way to make sure that your lawn, plants, and trees grow healthy the following season. This will not only keep your property growing beautifully, but it will also make sure your property draws the attention of visitors. Prepping your plants for the cold temperatures and snow will help make sure that they stay looking and feeling great year-round.

It doesn’t matter if what you need is regular landscaping or a comprehensive service that includes design, construction, and maintenance; our team at CF Landscaping can give you the best landscaping services in Waterloo Region and the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking to ensure the best health of your property or an incredible appearance, we will work diligently for you to give you something to be proud of!

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