An ideal neighborhood for most people would be one with homeowners appreciating their lawns that have thick and healthy grass. But, what’s the secret to having the best lawn that’s a community pride? 

The only way out is overseeding. It not only brings out a healthy and lush lawn, but it also prevents weeds and lawn diseases from encroaching the area.        

You can apply grass seeds to fill in the bare areas caused by several stressors such as weather damage and lawn diseases. It is one of the easiest ways to have a variety of grass that you desire while removing stubborn weeds that thrive when the grass is weak and thin. 

Pro-Mix Grass Seed review here will look at the ways you can implement to ensure your lawn is healthier, greener, and thicker throughout the year. 

Why you need grass seeds

Every homeowner needs to give a little attention to their yard to get healthy and lush grass. The best grass seed should have the ability to grow in various temperatures including the cool ones that are as low as 4°C.

It means you can seed quite early in the spring before weeds germinate or later in the fall. Here is what you should look for in a grass seed:

Drought resistant

It’s an open secret that water is becoming scarce in relation to the conservation measures that are in place and the costs. For this reason, it’s important to have a type of grass that is tolerant to drought in order for it to establish itself well in various weather conditions. 

Having such a variety of grass will help your lawn to survive the summer period without demanding a lot of watering.  

Resistant to high traffic

People maintain lawns for various reasons such as using it as a playground for children or dogs. Therefore, ideal grass plants should withstand beat-up and be ready to recover quickly and continue growing.

It must be capable of producing strong seedlings that will grow quickly, denying a chance for weeds to grow.

Enhancing ingredients

The lawns can sometimes be overwhelmed by active families that use it often. So, you need a grass seed that has an appropriate formulation to enable it to develop grass plants that are strong and have deep roots. 

The natural enhancers included in the mix stimulate the roots to take up more water and nutrients. This helps the grass to survive and thrive in every weather conditions and recover quickly after being subjected to high traffic. 

Defense against weeds

Lawns are vulnerable to weeds that usually grow when the grass is weak and thin. The best grass seed should be formulated to naturally prevent weeds from growing. While the seeds have to grow quickly into healthy grass plants, they should also contain a natural weed inhibitor that is released into the soil.

Resistant to insects

Lawn insect pests such as grubs give a lot of headache to most homeowners. Suitable grass seeds must have ingredients to repel insects. For example, endophytes are fungi that provide a bad taste to insects, so they avoid eating your lawn. 

How to use grass seeds

Growing grass from seeds is the only way out of making sure that your lawn is well covered. With water, sunlight, and fertilizer, you can expect to have a spectacular lawn in just three weeks’ time. 

Overseeding should always be done at the beginning is spring or autumn when soil temperatures are cool around 12 C. Here are the steps you can use to grow grass from seeds:

  • Rake the lawn to remove dead grass and stones. If your lawn has some weeds, ensure that you uproot them or use a herbicide to remove them.
  • ​Fertilize the soil with the help of a spreader. Water the area to enable the fertilizer to soak deep into the soil, then gently rake the lawn. 
  • ​For the best results, sprinkle the area with grass seeds by using a spreader. You can use a rake to gently push the grass seed into the soil, but the seed should not be buried into the soil deeper than 1/4 inch.
  • ​It’s now important to dedicate some time maintaining your new lawn. Water the grass gently until you see that the grass has reached a height of about 3 inches. You can add more fertilizer after a third cutting to improve its growth. 

Pro-Mix Grass Seed Review

Pro-Mix All Purpose Grass Seed is suitable for use in various environments and soil conditions. It grows well in areas that have full sun, in the partial or full shade. This seed grows at 4 degrees, making it great for use in early spring or late fall. 

If your lawn faces high traffic from children or pets playing on it, consider using this seed. Since it’s drought resistant, you don’t need to use a lot of water to ensure that it germinates. 

Even better, it’s lawn disease resistant to help your lawn look healthy throughout the year. It has an MYCOACTIVE technology that helps the grass to have strong and quick growth while resisting the stressors. It’s a kid and pet-friendly as it’s made up of 98% seed and 2% seed treatments. 



  • It’s versatile. It can grow in full sun, partial or full shade areas.
  • ​It’s drought resistant, helping you to use water sparingly.
  • ​It’s lawn disease resistant to provide your lawn with a healthy look.
  • ​It’s suitable for use in high traffic areas
  • It sometimes takes longer for the seed to germinate, but it depends on soil conditions.

Final Thoughts

There are various benefits for using the best grass seed on your lawn. Aesthetically, a well-maintained lawn contributes to better social gatherings and are ideal places for children and pets to play. 

The Pro-Mix All Purpose Grass Seed reviewed above is one of the best grass seed available on the market. It’s drought resistant, lawn disease resistant and does well in high traffic areas. 

These properties ensure that your lawn is always looking good to complement the beautiful landscape plants around your home. If you were not yet decided on which grass seed to purchase for your lawn, consider trying this product.

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